Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Fun

Well as I said before we all know what the winter means. So theres really only a couple of options 1. Go to Rays MTB Park (far away but worth it) 2. Ride trails in the winter (Brrrr) 3. snowboard or ski (not the same) 4. Ski Bike (mega expensive). So what to do well trying to go to rays as much as possible, but when around here I go for option number 3 cause i have a snowboard and its cheap. Some other guys from the trails also shred the pow, so heres a little taste of what we do in the winter Enjoy!!

Edit was filmed in Macky Powers back yard tons of fun. Video was shot and edited by me MTB Kyle.
Song High Road
by: Fort Minor,
Skiers Landon Dick, Macky Power and Tanner Sidehammer.

Also Heres some pics from Blue Knob I took on Monday hope you like.

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