Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bad Weather to Great Digging

Well after those two straight days of rain there was a little problem with flooding and it was a bit muddy we still managed to pull threw and dig it out.
Waters Up and we are still working
Wendell and Steve double team it
Almost the whole place was a foot or so under water, but it dried pretty quick
After it dried up a little we got to work right away. We manged to finish racer six, make the double built up more, and start on the 10 set hopefully we can start building the new sets soon.

Built up the landing on big four so you have speed for the 25 footer
The finished landing on big four before the 25 footer
The new lip for the double it finally looks like a real lip we also built up the landing sorry no pics of that though

Transfer out of ten and the landing for moto-x it coming together beside it

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  1. I'll be up with a shovel by April, should have my car this week though. Can i get a number to contact? E-mail me please, or something =)